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Leez Priory

I'm an Argentine living in London.
I play drums & have performed hundreds of gigs worldwide.
I’m also a budding travel photographer, along with my wife Pao and son Dexter.

Here’s a funny story you wouldn’t expect… I don’t have my own wedding video! Truly to this day one of my biggest regrets!

You can visit my personal adventures on Instagram here:

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My Story

I founded Tell The Story Films in 2016.

But it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I took the plunge to became a full time wedding videographer.

You could say it has been many years in the making, but I found a depth to my passion for video story-telling in the face of such adversity & hardship.

I love putting together videos that have your attention from beginning to end. Every wedding is different and so should the videos be. My craft is to bring that individuality & unique touch to your most treasured memories.

Tell The Story Films
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