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We want to book you, what's next?

It's very simple! We will have a Zoom call so we can meet each other. And if we have already, I'll send you the contract for your peace of mind and an invoice for the first payment to secure the date. That's it! 

Do you travel within the UK?

Every year I do over 10,000 miles within the UK only. I absolutely love travelling to weddings. 

Up to 1.30hs drive from my postcode is free. After that, minimum costs apply to cover for potential accommodation and travel. But trust me, I always keep the costs minimal so we can make it happen. 

Do you travel abroad?

YES. I usually have around 4 to 6 weddings outside of the UK per year. Please get in touch for a quote by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Are you ok to work with a photographer you don’t know?

I love talking about this. In 2023 alone, I met 50+ different photographers. I have made friends for life with some of them. It’s something I always look forward to! 

How quickly do you deliver the videos?

I always say from 2 to 4 months as an estimate. Sometimes even earlier than that. 
I just want to make sure I don’t rush the creative process for the sake of ‘finishing them quicker’. You will have those films forever. Trust me it’s worth the wait!

Can I choose the music for my wedding film?

Due to copyright restrictions I can't use any mainstream music on your film, so I choose it myself. This is standard within the wedding industry. I personally pay for several subscriptions that provide me with the best music for your films. Feel free to ask me for more video examples so you can see how I work with the music. I put a lot of time selecting it so it would describe your day best. Music plays a key role in storytelling and in cinematic videography.

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